Proactive Measures For Penton Park Residents

When Park Home Assist Insurance Services heard that Residents at Penton Park had been evacuated due to the risk of flooding, rather than ‘sit on our laurels’ and wait to hear if any of our 60+ policyholders had been affected, we decided to take proactive measures.

Without any call from our policyholders Park Home Assist decided to send our Loss Adjuster anyway to ensure that our policyholders were ok and unaffected. Our Loss Adjuster knocked on every one of our policyholders doors and spoke to anyone who was still about to make sure that all was well and that they didn’t need our insurer’s help at this stage.

Park Home Assist appreciate that such an event for residents is a very traumatic one, with some residents living on their own and could be very distressed if their home and or belongings had been affected by the flood waters and all we could do to alleviate those concerns would be in the best interests for all concerned. If any home had been affected then we had the right man on the park from the outset to assess the damage and start the ball rolling to appoint the appropriate trades people to ensure minimal disruption to our policyholders.

For those who our Loss Adjuster managed to speak to were not only appreciative of the knock on the door they were also surprised about our proactive approach, luckily not one of our policyholders had had damage caused by the flood water. All’s well, that ends well!