The Importance of Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Cover is an optional extra that operates alongside your holiday home buildings and contents insurance cover. The cost for home emergency cover is £25 for the whole year.

Maintaining the Hard Landscaping in your Garden

Spring is the ideal time for maintaining the hard landscaping in your garden.

Ten Tips for Spring Garden Maintenance

You may be starting to plan for blue skies and long sunny days sitting in the garden, taking in the view. We have compiled a few spring gardening tips that we hope will help you to get the garden of your leisure home in shape.

Leisure Home Insurance – Buyers Guide

Owning your own leisure home and having a tranquil retreat away from the normal everyday life, sounds like a tempting idea for a lot of people. Not only are leisure homes more affordable and stylish then ever, the costs are often significantly lower than buying a bricks and mortar home in the same location.

FCA Pricing Practices Reviewed To Protect Holiday Home Owners

What Pricing practices have been reviewed? What are the new rules? What do I need to look out for? These questions are answered in this article.

Adding Value To Your Holiday Home

As peak season ends, it is a good time to think about adding value to your holiday home, which will make your home stand out in a competitive market. A beautiful, well presented holiday home is, of course, a great start.

Reducing Condensation In Your Static Caravan

Reducing condensation in your static caravan can improve its lifespan. It can also lessen maintenance and repair costs and improve the comfort of your leisure home.

Increasing Holiday Home Winter Bookings

Winter does not have to be a barren season for bookings – increasing holiday home winter bookings can be entirely possible. This is especially true since the coronavirus pandemic as many people are discovering the benefits of holidays closer to home. We have compiled here a few pointers to help you keep the guests arriving throughout the winter season.

Storage Solutions in Your Static Caravan

Effective storage solutions in your static caravan can help you to have a tidy and uncluttered living space. Especially if you are getting the most out of your static caravan, you can very soon find it filling up with stuff.

Tips for a Successful Holiday Home Website

What makes a successful holiday home website? As the peak season draws to a close and thoughts turn to autumn, Christmas and New Year bookings, this is an excellent time to make sure your holiday home website is up to date and giving you the best value for money.