FCA Pricing Practices Reviewed To Protect Holiday Home Owners

What Pricing practices have been reviewed? What are the new rules? What do I need to look out for? These questions are answered in this article.

Reducing Condensation In Your Static Caravan

Reducing condensation in your static caravan can improve its lifespan. It can also lessen maintenance and repair costs and improve the comfort of your leisure home.

Increasing Holiday Home Winter Bookings

Winter does not have to be a barren season for bookings – increasing holiday home winter bookings can be entirely possible. This is especially true since the coronavirus pandemic as many people are discovering the benefits of holidays closer to home. We have compiled here a few pointers to help you keep the guests arriving throughout the winter season.

Attracting Cyclists To Your Holiday Home

Cycling as a form of transport and as a recreational past-time has, arguably, never been more popular, so ways of attracting cyclists to your holiday home can be the key to unlock a large and growing market.

St. Ives – A Treasured UK Holiday Destination

St. Ives on the Northern coast of Cornwall is an internationally-renowned holiday destination and UK treasure for good reason. Bathed in the relatively warm waters of the gulf stream and enjoying a quality of light that has attracted artists and holiday-makers from the UK and beyond for many years, this charming fishing town has much to offer.

UK Holiday Home Location – Ambleside

In the first of a short series of UK holiday home locations, we explore one of the UK’s most popular and enjoyable holiday spots. As staycations are the order of the day and the UK is a treasure trove of sparkling holiday destinations, there are plenty of beautiful places to be discovered.

Making The Most Of Your Outside Space

Making the most of your holiday home’s outside space has never been more important. With the warm weather here at last, we might all get a chance to relax in the sun.

Quality Assessment Schemes for Holiday Lets

The benefits for owners of belonging to one of the available quality assessment schemes for holiday lets are many. Such schemes are available from all the national tourist boards and a few other organisations.

Using An Agency To Let Your Holiday Home

Using an agency to let your holiday home is just one of many ways you can approach marketing your property to potential guests. Many people who choose to carry out their own marketing often find they have underestimated the amount of time and effort that this can take.

Preventing Bed Bugs in Your Holiday Home

Preventing bed bugs in your holiday home is something that you might not think about until you have the misfortune to get an infestation. Whether your holiday home is for you and your loved ones or if you let it out, an infestation of bed bugs is not nice.