Emergency Lighting For Your Static Caravan

If you have ever been plunged into darkness in the middle of the night by a power outage, then you will know how inconvenient and potentially dangerous it can be and you might want to look into emergency lighting for your static caravan. Here are some points to help you get started.

Emergency lighting for your static caravan is lighting that comes on when there is a mains power failure. Emergency lights are powered by rechargeable backup batteries that are either located inside the emergency light or in a central battery location with connections running to each emergency light.

There are two types of emergency lighting

The first type is ‘maintained’ emergency lighting which is always on and can be used as a normal light the rest of the time. The second type is non-maintained lighting which is only activated in the event of a mains power failure. Both types will detect a failure in the power supply to your static caravan and will switch on using their own battery power and stay on for at least three hours.

Most static caravan owners will plump for the maintained type of lighting so that they can be used as normal lights in normal conditions. It is a good idea to locate your emergency lights above doors so that in the event of a fire or other hazard being the cause of the power outage, the occupants of your static caravan can find and use the exit quickly.

If you have outside lighting to help negotiate a garden path or other obstacles, it is a good idea, for obvious safety reasons to get these switched over to ‘maintained’ emergency lights. That way if the power to your static caravan goes, there is less likely to be an accident as a result in the garden.

Installing emergency lights in your static caravan

Emergency lights are easily fitted but you should consider getting a qualified electrician to fit yours, particularly if you pick the ‘maintained’ type, which are connected to the mains. These lights should be tested once a year unless the manufacturers state otherwise.

If you are letting your static caravan out to guests, emergency lighting is an invaluable safety aid and crucially can buy you time to get to the property and deal with the problem with the mains supply. Your guests will not, in the meantime, be tempted to light candles or try other potentially dangerous methods to bring some light back in. Remember too, to always have a torch on the premises and let guests know where to find it.

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