Outdoor Lighting For Your Static Caravan

Outdoor lighting for your static caravan can be an excellent addition to your outside space, making it safer and even more enjoyable. Whether you are thinking of adding some atmosphere or just trying to improve visibility, here are a few things to consider in choosing the right system for your circumstances.

The reasons for lighting outside your static caravan

Think about why you want lights and plan out the best locations for them. The reason you need extra lighting will inform the type of lights that are best for you and where to put them.

Do you want guide lights to get around your property without stumbling on awning guide ropes or decking steps or do you want to light whole areas for sitting outside on those warm nights? Do you want spot lights on trees to create a beautiful effect as well as reducing the risk of accidentally walking or driving into them at night?

For some, the addition of lights to the outside of their static caravan is purely a decorative question. Often a combination of all these functions can be achieved with well-chosen and planned lighting.

How will your outdoor lights be controlled?

You will also need to choose between switch operated lights to give you complete control over when they are on or off, security style lights that are triggered by motion sensors or night time only lights with infra-red sensors. A combination of these is available in some lights which work ordinarily from their sensors but can be overridden with switches.

How will your outdoor lights be powered?

The next thing to think about is how your lights will be powered. This can have an impact on installation, ease of use and sometimes reliability.

Mains-powered outdoor lights

Running your outdoor lights from your static caravan’s mains supply is the best way to ensure a reliable and well-powered lighting system. You will need a qualified electrician to install these. The cost and disruption (running cables from inside your static caravan) can put some off but it a fairly simple thing to do for a good electrician and the reliability can be worth it.

If you take this option, it is worth considering at least one emergency light above the door that has a battery back-up which takes over in the event of a power outage.

Battery-powered outdoor lights

A cheaper option is battery operated LED lights. Batteries can run for a long time but, of course, do need periodically replacing. These are very flexible in terms of placement and can be moved easily if you prefer a different arrangement for your lights.

These are often good for simple lighting on an outside table or in the form of decorative strip lighting along fencing and the like.

Solar-powered outdoor lights

With environmental awareness increasing, solar lights are growing in popularity. These have a self-contained solar panel or can be run from a solar array, which is easily installed. If you can wire a plug, this should be within your capabilities avoiding the need to call out an electrician.

Look out for solar lights which are calibrated to the UK’s weather. This will maximise the charge to the battery while the sun is shining and give you the most time and illumination at night as possible in the conditions that prevail here.

Some lights can be given an extra charge, if all else fails and the weather is not behaving itself, by using a USB socket. To ensure you get the right solar lights for you follow the guidelines here:

  • The more LED’s the brighter the light.
  • The higher powered the battery the longer the light will stay on for.
  • The larger the panel the more the battery is charged each day.

The popularity of solar lighting is bringing their price down making them an increasingly attractive option.

Things to watch for when installing lights outside your static caravan

Build quality

Generally, you get what you pay for and the cheaper lights will need to be replaced more often. This can still work out to be the best option for you. Sometimes it is best to start at the low-cost end and see how it goes, upgrading if you find the replacement time is too short or proves too expensive in the long run.

The neighbours

Some parks have rules about the level of illumination outside your static caravan. Check with park management first as they may be keen to limit light pollution in their park. Being able to sit outside and take in the night sky is one attraction of park life, which can be ruined by lights blazing from every home. Be considerate and, if you can, remember to turn off non-essential lights when you go to bed.

Outdoor lighting can add real atmosphere to your outside space and greatly increase the safety of getting around your static caravan at night. Have fun designing your own system and enjoy those balmy nights in comfort and safety.

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