Storage Solutions in Your Static Caravan

Effective storage solutions in your static caravan can help you to have a tidy and uncluttered living space. Especially if you are getting the most out of your static caravan, you can very soon find it filling up with stuff. The more you keep there, after all, the less you have to bring with you every time you want a break. In a static caravan, space is at a premium and much of the storage is built-in. In addition, drilling into the structure to put up more shelves or install cupboards is not always possible or desirable.

Here are a few tips to help you think about making more storage available in your static caravan.

Ideas for storing clothing and bed-linen in your static caravan

  • Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are a sure way to create extra space at the same time as protecting your belongings from dust and damp. They are especially good for storing bedding, clothes, towels and the like and are available in varying sizes. If you haven’t used these before, you will be surprised at how much can fit into such a small volume. They are simple to use. Just fill them up and fit the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner into the valve and switch it on. The air is sucked out and the bag shrinks around the contents. Because everything is kept dry and sealed inside, they are really good for storing soft items that you want to leave when you are absent for a couple of months from your static caravan in off-peak seasons.

  • Under-bed storage

If there is any space underneath the beds, then drawers on wheels, shallow baskets or plastic containers with lids that easily slide out from under your bed are a good idea. They are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. A great way to use space and to keep things like spare bed linen out of sight but easily accessible.

  • Ottoman bed

Another good alternative for storage space under beds is an ottoman bed with built in storage under a lift up mattress and bed base. These are easy to use and can be a great way to free up wardrobe space by storing less-frequently used items here.

Storage coats and shoes in your static caravan

  • Over-door hangers

Over-door hangers are perfect for static caravans where drilling into walls or doors is not always possible or desirable. Simply hook one of these over the top and you have instant hangers with no DIY necessary.

  • Multi clothes hangers

Why fill your wardrobe with a forest of individual hangers when you have an alternative? Multiple hangers are cleverly designed to concertina together to really make the most of the room available.

  • Shoe bench

A multi-level shoe bench gets those shoes and boots out of the way and up off the floor. Underneath existing hangers or hooks is a good place to put them as the distance from the wall is already taken up by the clothes occupying the space above. Shoes are tucked neatly away with no noticeable difference to the room you have to walk around.

  • Adhesive hooks

Sometimes called command hooks®, these use a strong adhesive to attach to doors or walls. Again, no drilling required. Free up more wardrobe space as you can hang towels and dressing gowns easily on these.

Storing kitchen items or beach essentials

  • Hanging shelves

Combined with adhesive hooks or used inside wardrobes or taller cupboards, hanging shelves provide a quick and easy alternative to provide instant space to store your things. They come in varying dimensions and materials so a quick search should produce something suitable for your static caravan.

  • Hanging baskets

As with hanging shelves, these can be combined with overdoor hangers or adhesive hooks to create more storage wherever you have room.

  • Cupboard shelves

Free standing cupboard shelves are a great and simple method to increase the storage capacity of a shelf-less cupboard. With more levels to store things you can maximise what goes in.

  • Drawer organisers

Sometimes being more organised can maximise your use of existing room in drawers. A divider or drawer organiser is a good way to encourage this in yourself.

Clever storage solutions can help you to free up space in your static caravan, giving you a more relaxing and better-organised environment to enjoy. We hope that some of these ideas will help you to make the most of your holiday home and mean that you can transport fewer of your belongings with you each time you go.

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