Upgrading Your Static Caravan

Upgrading your static caravan can take many forms from a quick paint and wallpapering to a full internal redesign and external recladding.

Decking can be added outside, a hot tub, lighting, an awning (space allowing) and other improvements, as long as your park allows these to be carried out.

Upgrading your static caravan entirely to a new model is something that you will need to consider as your caravan ages. Most parks will have an age limit for the caravans on their site and a 10 to 20-year limit on their plot licences. This makes upgrading to a new or newer static caravan a necessary step for most at some point.

The length of licences and the permitted age of caravans in your park should be something you find out and are aware of before you move in.

Get your park’s help when upgrading your static caravan
If you are just looking to improve your existing static caravan, your park will have ideas and experience that will come in useful. They should also be able to point you in the direction of tried and tested trades people, for any job you need doing. They will also be clear about which improvements fall within the rules of the park. Awnings, for instance can sometimes extend your static caravan too close to your neighbours, so always involve them whoever carries out the work you plan to do.

Remember to keep records of improvements and contact your insurers to make sure that the value you may have added is included in the sum your static caravan is covered for.

If you are looking to replace your existing caravan, your park will have a sales team who will be glad to help you with an upgrade to a better and newer model.

Many parks will offer a part-exchange trade in for your old holiday home. Remember when you are negotiating with them that it is in every park’s interest to house the best and newest homes to attract more customers. This should give you some leverage to get a good deal.

They can often also help with storage of your belongings during a transfer and handle installation and removal for you.

Take a look around a static caravan dealership
A dealership is a great place to discover the new models that are out there on the market.

Your park will often have one or more recommended dealerships that they are used to doing business with. It is a good idea to follow their advice and that of other residents, so that removal and installation of a new static caravan goes as smoothly as possible.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you going anywhere to find a new model. You will need to discuss with both the dealership and your park the arrangements for removal of your old static caravan and installation of your new holiday home.

If you do buy from a dealership when you upgrade your static caravan, they should be glad to come and look over your park. They need to make sure, for instance, that the new caravan they are installing complies with your park’s regulations, especially if you are upgrading to a bigger home like a lodge. Remember that even if it appears that it will fit easily on your plot, the park will have rules about the distance allowed between you and your neighbours.

Be sure to renew your licence agreement with the park and carry over any finance arrangements you may have with them or another finance company. If you have borrowed more to upgrade this time, be aware that this will entail a fresh credit check before finances are approved.

Parks will require you to have sufficient insurance cover for your new static caravan, so do make sure you contact us to get the best value for money and cover that you can.

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