A Guide to Static Caravan Insurance Claims

Your static caravan is insured and you hope, as we all do, that you will never have to make a claim. Should the event arise, however, it is important that it goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few tips to make sure your static caravan insurance claim goes as easily as possible.

Choose the right insurer

Look for a reputable insurer with good reviews for excellent service and experience in insuring static caravans. If other customers have found it easy to make a static caravan insurance claim, then the chances are that you will too.

Know your static caravan insurance policy

When you arrange your cover, it is essential that you give full and accurate details to your insurer to make sure the cover you think you have is the cover you actually get. Make sure when you receive your policy documents you read through them thoroughly.

Choose your insurance cover carefully

Consider all the optional extras that you can get on top of standard static caravan insurance cover. Think about cover for valuables such as jewellery, for example. Check whether you need to itemise these or if they are covered under a single fixed sum under your additional cover. Be aware also, of the maintenance and upkeep you need to do in order to remain qualified for your cover.

Knowing exactly what you can claim for under your static caravan insurance will help to avoid disappointment and make it easier when you come to make a claim.

Keep your documents in good order

Keep your insurance documents in a safe and easily accessible place, so that they can be found quickly when you need them. Keep records and receipts of appliances and other significant items you have bought so that everything can be accurately included in any claim you may need to make. Make sure records of safety checks and servicing are also kept with your insurance documents so that you can demonstrate that you have kept up your obligations under your policy.

Keep photographs of your static caravan

A regular photographic record of your static caravan is invaluable to help the smooth passage of a claim. Whenever changes are made, maintenance is undertaken or repairs are made, keep a photographic record. Remember to inform your insurance company if anything is changed that may affect your policy or cover.

Keep a back-up of all the photographs you take on an external drive or on the cloud. This is good practice anyway so that you don’t lose any precious memories or records.

Don’t delay

As soon as you become aware that you need to make an insurance claim on your static caravan, act immediately. This will help your insurance provider let you know in good time what evidence you need to provide to back up your claim. It will also give you plenty of time to make sure you do not miss anything out of your account of the event that has led to your claim. Also, it’s easy to forget something that you could have claimed for if you don’t do it straightaway. Acting quickly should also help to get your compensation sooner.

Report theft or criminal damage

Remember that if your claim is for theft or criminal damage, then you will need to make a report to the police. An incident report number will usually be required by your static caravan insurer and is standard practice for the police once they have assessed the incident and agree that a crime has been committed.

Keep a written record

Take notes on your conversations with your insurer. Make a record of the names of whoever you talk to and any conclusions reached. It is a good idea to also keep a log of the emails you exchange with your insurer. This helps to keep the whole process manageable and smooth and avoid having to go over the same ground with different representatives.

Stay calm

Having to make an insurance claim can be a stressful time for many reasons. Being able to talk to an experienced and reputable insurer and following the steps above should help ease your nerves. Remember that the calmer and more cooperative you can be in difficult circumstances, the quicker and easier your claim will be.

Hopefully, you won’t have to make an insurance claim for your static caravan and you will be able to enjoy your time there trouble free. If, however, you do find yourself having to make a claim we hope selecting the right insurer and following the information in this guide will help to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

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