Common Static Caravan Insurance Claims

As specialist insurers in the leisure home industry, we handled more than 1,200 claims in 2020, and during our 15 years in business, we have handled some unusual claims, but the following claims are the most common.

Accidental Damage

It’s easy for accidents to happen and static caravan insurance claims for accidental damage were the most common in 2020. When you’re enjoying a well-earned break in your static caravan, you don’t want any extra stress or worry, so knowing that breakages are covered by your static caravan insurance is a comfort to many people. Accidental damage when your static caravan is Let is an optional extra that many policyholders choose to give them additional peace of mind.

Storm Damage

As many static caravans are sited at beautiful seaside locations, they can be in exposed positions and subject to the full force of the British weather! We’ve experienced some more extreme weather in recent years, so static caravan insurance claims for storm damage are the second most common claim. A comprehensive static caravan insurance policy from My Holiday Home Insurance covers risks such as damage from strong winds, fallen trees and branches or even hailstones. It’s also reassuring to know that TV aerials and garden furniture are covered too.

Buildings insurance from My Holiday Home Insurance also covers your static caravan against risks such as landslips or subsidence, which may be as a result of a storm. If you experience flooding, then your insurance cover will depend on the postcode of where your static caravan is located. It is not always possible to insure against flooding if it occurs frequently.

Escape of Water

Escape of water is a term used in insurance to describe a leak inside your property. This could be from a burst pipe, leaking dishwasher or washing machine, for example. It is different from ‘flood damage’ which refers to damage caused by water events outside the static caravan – such as a river bursting its banks or seawater coming over coastal defences.

Freezing conditions in the winter may cause pipes to burst, so if your static caravan is unoccupied during the winter months, then you must ensure that the water system is drained correctly.

Theft or Attempted Theft

Claims for damage to the fabric of your static caravan caused by theft or attempted theft come under the protection of your static caravan buildings insurance cover. Your personal possessions are protected by your contents insurance cover. Having a break-in, or attempted break-in can be a very distressing time. If you need to make a claim then you can be reassured that your call will be handled sensitively and sympathetically by our award-winning claims team.

Other static caravan insurance claims that we handled in 2020 included fire, malicious damage, impact and freezer contents.

We hope that by knowing what the most common claims are, you can make sure that you are fully insured against the most likely risks.

This is a marketing article from My Holiday Home Insurance, a specialist provider of insurance for holiday homes, leisure homes, holiday lodges and static caravans. Our team of experienced advisers are always happy to help, so for more information call our Northampton office on freephone 0800 988 0890.

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