Filling Peak-Season Cancellations In Your Static Caravan

Filling peak-season cancellations in your static caravan can be a challenge. Last minute bookings are hard to find in a competitive market and it can seem daunting. Rather than simply going unoccupied until your next booking and missing out on valuable peak-season custom, there are some measures worth taking.

React quickly

It is crucial this information gets out there as quickly as possible. As soon as the cancellation is confirmed, the message should go out.

It may seem obvious but hours make a difference with last minute bookings.

Tell everyone about the booking cancellation

Use all your exiting channels to make the announcement that there is a last-minute availability. Your letting agency if you have one, your own website, any adverts you run on holiday websites and your social media accounts should all be updated as swiftly as possible.

A channel manager application can really help with this so that you make the post once and it goes out on all your channels. Some lettings agencies will handle this all for you, for a fee.

Can you afford to make an offer?

Think about anything you have that can grab the attention of someone looking to get away straight away. Anything that says it is easy, even if it is your off-road parking, make sure it is featured in your ads and posts.

Perhaps say more than the bare-bones information that a vacancy has become available again. Make a highlight out of the discounted rate you are now offering if you think you can afford it. A discount on a repeat stay next year is also an option to make you stand out in a sometimes crowded market.

Use your local contacts

Maybe you can offer special restaurant prices because of a deal you have in the local town. Is there a local event that is happening soon that if someone books now they can catch? Can you perhaps get a discounted ticket price for your guests in exchange for including them in your advertising? This can serve two purposes as the organisers of local events and venue owners often know of people looking for accommodation at the last minute.

Use Social Media

Social media is rapid and responsive and can be ideal for quick audience exposure and speedy decisions. Consider if a small outlay to target a particular audience might be worth it in these circumstances and look in to running a Facebook ad, for instance. Remember to direct people to wherever they can see everything they need to about your static caravan and its location and to actually make a booking.

Use dedicated websites

Your own lettings agency, if you have one (or park manager) may be able to help. They may be able to highlight your static caravan and its last-minute availability. Sometimes this will cost extra but it may be a cost you are willing to bear to fill the space in your calendar.

There are places you can advertise which are dedicated to last minute bookings. The list is long and a quick search will produce a large choice. These sites have an extensive and large audience but you are often one of very many. It does not usually take long to register and post an ad though so it can be worth it.

These are all steps that you can take to fill peak season cancellations in your static caravan. This means that you can maximise your income and ensure that your lovely holiday home isn’t left empty.

If you can’t fill the space at the last minute, then consider staying there yourself if you can. Alternatively, how about offering it to a friend for a minimum fee, just to cover the cleaning costs? They may well tell other friends about it and get you some future full-price bookings.

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