10 Tips to Reduce Plastic Use in Your Static Caravan

Here are 10 tips to reduce plastic use in your static caravan. Static caravans and caravan holidays lend themselves to plastic use, because it’s light, durable and easily cleaned. Tupperware, plastic bags, cups and plates and outdoor furniture are often made from plastic.

The difficulties of disposing of the wonderful materials we collectively refer to as plastic, are notorious and the consequences widely reported. Though living completely without plastic is not a question, with a little thought, reducing our use of plastic to help the environment, is still entirely possible.

While we have all been made aware of the need to reduce our plastic use, the way to actually achieve this is not always obvious. We hope you find these tips to reduce plastic helpful.

  1. Use onsite recycling bins

Most parks will have sufficient recycling facilities for your general daily recycling needs. So, if your static caravan is in a holiday park, you should take advantage of any recycling facilities provided. If you are off-site or if the park’s provision doesn’t cover what you want to recycle, the people at terracycle.com are a good place to start to look for ways to recycle everything you need to.

  1. Keep a recycling bin in your static caravan

To help organise your recycling, and depending the space available in your static caravan, it does help to have a dedicated recycling bin. Some makes things even easier with different compartments for plastic, glass, paper, etc.

  1. Choose alternatives to plastic

If you are serious about reducing your use of plastic, there are alternatives to products out there. Beeswax paper, for example, is a good alternative for wrapping food. Plastic free tea bags and plastic-free toilet paper are also available.

  1. Boxes not bags

When moving your belongings around or putting them in storage, try and use cardboard and paper for your containers rather than plastic, which is much easier to recycle.

  1. Reusable bamboo cups or metal bottles

Take a reusable cup or flask with you on outings. A lot of coffee shops will happily fill your reusable cup rather than use a disposable one.

  1. Take your rubbish home with you from the beach or trips

It would be a shame to make all the effort at home only to ‘cut out the middle man’ and leave your plastic bags and containers on the beach to go straight into the sea when the tide comes in. 

  1. Drinking water dispenser and non-plastic cups

Think about getting a water dispenser fitted as an alternative to countless disposable bottles, or drink tap water from reusable cups.

  1. Reduce plastic packaging

The best way to avoid too much plastic in the packaging for your food shopping is to avoid imported and out of season food altogether. As a general rule, try to buy food and groceries unpackaged and vegetables loose where possible.

  1. Find a refill station

Refills for some cleaning fluids, washing up liquid and other products are available from some retailers.

  1. Get a reusable non-plastic bag

Since the charge on plastic bags levied by the government, usage has gone down by 85%. To help this effort even more, think about using a reusable bag for shopping.

For more advice and listings for helpful zero-waste retailers near you take a look at these websites:

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