Storm Damage Prevention Checklist

Check garden furniture
Taking immediate steps such as moving any loose furniture inside and securing down anything that cannot be moved as much as you can, will help to reduce damage to your property

Check guttering for blockages or damage
Remove any debris that may cause blockage such as moss or leaves also check that there is no damage to guttering so that water can flow away easily

Check maintenance of external walls
Examine the outer walls to check for cracks as this could allow water ingress

Check the roofing
Review the condition of your roof tiles to ensure they have not moved or been displaced or damaged

Check external windows or doors
Examine the seals between the windows, door frames and walls to ensure the seals are not cracked or perished

Clear your drains
Blockages can easily form after debris gets blown in and builds up in them. Efficient drainage can decrease the chances of water damage significantly

Check external buildings
Ensure that all external buildings are securely locked and not open to the elements

Always refer to your leisure home insurance policy for details of the exact requirement you are expected to meet. This will help ensure that your leisure home insurance is not compromised, should you need to make a claim.

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