Marketing Your Static Caravan as a Holiday Home

Whether you are letting your static caravan for the first time or aiming to land more bookings this time, this guide to marketing your static caravan as a holiday home is designed to help you.

Hiring Cleaners For Your Holiday Home

Hiring cleaners for your holiday home is sometimes the only choice you have if you let it out and live some distance away. Even if you can access your holiday home easily, cleaning it can be a big job for one person so you may need some additional help.

Preparing Your Static Caravan For The Peak Season

Preparing your static caravan for the peak season may be on your mind. This guide is here to help you get the most out of your static caravan for the peak season and present it in the most attractive manner.

Returning to your Static Caravan after Lockdown

As we all look forward to an imminent end to domestic travel restrictions due to coronavirus, you may be thinking about a much-needed break and returning to your static caravan after lockdown. This quick guide is here to help remind you of the things you need to consider when opening up again.

Finding the Right Maintenance Contractor for your Static Caravan

You may be able to do many of the maintenance jobs yourself, but some of the larger ones, such as roof repairs, windows, gas or electrical work will need specialist contractors. Here’s a checklist to help you find the right maintenance contractor to provide a good service.

UK Holiday Home Insurance Guide

As staycation holidays become more and more popular you may be buying your first holiday home, leisure home or static caravan. It may be just for yourself and friends and family, or you may be looking to insure your property as a rental home. Whatever your circumstances My Holiday Home Insurance, backed up by our fifteen years of specialist experience in the leisure industry, is here to guide you through the process.

Common Static Caravan Insurance Claims

As specialist insurers in the leisure home industry, we handled more than 1,200 claims in 2020, and during our 15 years in business, we have handled some unusual claims, but the following claims are the most common.

Insurance for Unoccupied Holiday Homes

The Coronavirus lockdown means that those people lucky enough to have a holiday home, or second home, are unable to travel to access it. So, can you get insurance for unoccupied holiday homes?

Guide to Leisure Home Insurance Cover

Insurance for leisure homes, static caravans or holiday lodges, is a specialist area of insurance, so buying it from a specialist insurer will give you greater flexibility and value for money.

Renting Out Your Holiday Lodge or Static Caravan

With the demand in UK holidays, or staycations, likely to boom in 2021 due to uncertainty around coronavirus travel restrictions, you may want to rent out your holiday lodge or static caravan.